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google. innovation has always been on my mind. i've assumed this was an area where america remained head and shoulders above the world. that's where our future lies, how we'll move up the value chain and reuate new jobs for the future. over the last few months i've been having second thoughts. i've been reading these new studies that use not polls of experts but hard data and they suggest that america's lead is slipping. in fact, one of them looks at the degree to which countries are adjusting and improving their research technology and regulatory policies to stay competitive. and it finds that the united states has made the least progress of the 36 nations in four regions studied. you can go to our website for the actual studies. consider the three most important technologies in alternative energy that are likely to yield big payoffs -- solar, wind and battery power. america doesn't measure up to asia in any of the three. take solar energy. japan and china each have three of the top ten companies in that field. america has only two. let's be clear. america still dominates the world of i
that includes the best ideas. backed by america's physicians. nurse leaders and nurse practitioners. america's hospitals. prohibiting cuts to medicare benefits. protecting your choice of health care professional. covering preventive care, and closing the prescription gap, to reduce out-of-pocket costs. ♪ boss: ah! thank gecko: what's going on, sir? boss: we're slammed. tons of people interested in all the money they could be saving by switching to geico.. gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: boy, did we miss you last week. that temp wasn't working out at all. exec: took me all morning but i got those quarterly figures for ... you. (hissing noise, gulping) gecko: aw, he ate all my mints. anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. _-_-_-_-_>> on wednesday we brought you an incredible look at a wild animal orphanage in africa. check it out. >> reporter: there are about a half a dozen young orphans here that range from a few weeks to a few months. and at that age they're at the most vulnerable from cold, from disease and also just to get used to the new surr
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are talking about a fundamental reset of the u.s. economy. that america was living high off the hog, american households and the whole country was living off of borrowed money and that this reset is going to mean people save more and people consume less and the economy grows more slowly and i think that's going to be a really wrenching social adjustment. >> you have identified one big issue in the jobs market and the problem we have got. the other one, bill, is that so many of these jobs that have been lost have been lost in manufacturing. and regardless of where you stand on whether we should have better manufacturing policy or we should manufacture more, the reality is manufacturing jobs, particularly lower paying jobs have left this country and higher paying ones have left this country. >> yes, we have major losses in manufacturing and major losses in construction and that's why we have seen men's unemployment rates rise faster than women's. we are a service based economy and particularly after november, october of 2008, this recession began to look like that garden variety recession where
. in america we think a lot about south asia. and we now call it afpac. fixated on stabilizing afghanistan, washington seems to be relying more and more heavily on pakistan to tackle the taliban problem. in doing so, more disushingly, washington seems to be adopting the world view of the pakistani army, an army that created the taliban and despite $10 billion of aid from the united states, has taken no serious steps to dismantle it. pakistan's long-standing position has been that it has a right to see a pro-pakistani government in afghanistan. the respected expert harrison noted that in an interview him in 1988, pakistan's president demanded "a regime to our liking in kabul." last year a pakistani general told the director of the cia, quote, that pakistan has to support the taliban in afghanistan otherwise india will rein. and now general stan mcchrystal has echoed the pakistani line by increasing indian influence to afghanistan is likely to exacerbate. pakistan and afghanistan here in trouble. but dysfunctional small states don't create opportunities for political stability and world orde
. that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access >>> jacqui jeras has news about your thanksgiving. you were in charge of the pies and the cornbread stuffing. how did it turn out? >> great. >> yeah? >> i'm a good pie maker. >> are you really? >> yeah. >> what did mom make? >> what did mom make? mom made some rolls. my sister did the turkey. >> who is a better cook? >> my sister's husband. >> better than your mom? >> mom is better. your mom did everything, right? >> yeah. we don't want to talk about it. i could barely get in my suit. >> wear the big pants. >> what is a busy day? today or tomorrow? the wednesday before and the sunday after. we expect we are going to have some travel delays. today if you were traveling or trying to enjoy the out of doors. we had trouble in the northeast. it looks good on the radar but the wind has been the problem. wind advisories have
feinstein says the system is in need for an overhaul. >> america's in serious problems with respect to health care. we virtually every other developed country has a better system than we do. ours is costly in places it's ineffective, deeply troubled, and the time has come to really see that people who have no insurance can get insurance. >> well, the senate's top republican says democrats are taking an arrogant approach to hx health care reform. democrats are ignoring the will of the people. >> on a scale of one to ten, likelihood the senate will pass a health care legislation this year and congress will send the president a bill before the state of the un you address next year? >> we don't often ignore the wishes of the american people. they are screaming, many, telling us, please don't pass this, don't pass this bill. if the majority is hellbent on ignoring wishes of the american people, they have 60 votes in the senate. you would think that they might be able to do this, but i believe there are a number of democratic senators who do care what the american people think and are not
from other countries, his name is david obay who's saying america's domestic agenda is more important than afghanistan. >> i do want to do everything i can to make sure that the white house and everybody in congress understands that there are huge financial costs in this war. we saw the progressive movement in this country back before the 20s wiped out by world war i. we saw harry truman's fair deal what typed out by korea, we saw linden johnson's great society wiped out by vietnam. i don't want to see the restructuring and the reforming of our own economy wiped out because we get stuck in a ten-year war that isn't paid for. >> so the president may have a fight on his hands. not with republicans, but within his own party. we're goings to be watching as this shakes out. the pentagon preparing to send 34,000 new troops to afghanistan. the president to announce that next week, probably tuesday. >> if it's a time of the alleged defense, he lacked the mental capacity to be able to commit those offenses. >> that's the lawyer, he's the attorney for major nadal hasan laying the ground work fo
. >> reporter: bank of america is launching what it calls a credit card clarity campaign. so beginning tomorrow, it's going send out one page summaries to 40 million of its customers and the letter is going to have the following, it's going to include interest rates to pay for what you buy for balance transfers, cash advances, it's also going to have payment information on how to keep your account in good standing. it's going to spell out all of the fees you're likely to pay, annual transaction and late fees. now, all of this coming after a lot of confusion and outrage with card companies hitting consumers are with those exorbitant late fees. they're making all of these changes before the new legal reforms are going to take effect that are going to restrict their ability to make these changes. so you know, they've cut their credit limits, raised interest rates and their fees. some of them are trying to make consumer-friendly changes ahead of the new reform laws that take effect in february. tony that includes bank of america, trying to be more friendly, i think. >> well, yeah. so allison, are t
to kennedy? >> america is a culture that prizes tolerance. any kind you can cast an institution as somehow intolerant, that usually adds up to bad pr. and, as i say, at least to date, many analysts would credit the bishops with the lead role, for example, in skering pa isecurine of the amendment. as that debate unfolds, everyone expects the bishops to play a lead role. i suspect this revelation is in some ways calculated to attempt to kind of anyodiminish their credibility and hence their political effectiveness. >> what's your understanding as to whether patrick kennedy has been able to receive communion in this amount of time? has he? >> i don't know how often representative kennedy goes to mass. i can assure you had he been publicly turned away from a communion line some place we would know about it. the practical reality is that while the american bishops are uniformly opposed to abortion and take that very seriously as a principle of catholic teaching, the vast majority are opposed to using communion as a political weapon. most of them have avoided this high profile spat with politici
, that america can achieve unprecedented health insurance reforms that expand coverage, reduce cost and provide stability for those with existing coverage. we accomplish these goals without posing long term risk for taxpayers. it was not a perfect bill. we never see perfect bills around here, quite frankly. i can honestly say, i will fight hard, so that our final product will be more closely resembling the common sense deficit-reducing plan we produced in the senate finance committee. at times like this, i think it is very important to remember the very reasons we began this debate all together. small businesses, madame president, are reaching the breaking point financially because of the rise in health care costs. nationally, our economic recovery will only be slowed by the inflationary cost of health care. taxpayers and the insured are baring the cost of medical treatment for the uninsured at the most expensive point of delivery, the emergency rooms. it's a model that waits until people get sick rather than focusing on the wellness, prevention and good management of illness that keeps people
i believe are pending. >> -- followed by the national anthem of the united states of america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> prime minister singh, members of the indian delegation, on behalf of michelle and myself, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the white house. on behalf of the american people, it is my great honor to welcome you to the united states. mr. prime minister, yours is the first official state visit of my presidency, and it is fitting that you and india be so recognized. this visit reflects the high esteem in which i and the american people hold your wise leadership. it reflects the abiding bonds of respect and friendship between our people, including our friends in the indian-american community, who join us here today. but above all, your visit at this pivotal moment in history speaks to the opportunity before us, to build the relationship between our nations, born in the last century, into one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century. for while our two nations have taken different paths to reach this moment, ours is a common st
in killing each other and please help president obama, people, from the united states of america, give him all of the support you can. he's doing the best he can. and god bless you all and have a wonderful thanksgiving. >> we want to hear from you. you can call us with your comments. here's the number 17 hlg -- hundreds of you have called to express your opinion. it's amazing to see this. the reactions and comments pretty much right down the middle. we are already getting a lot of i-reports from you about this as well. josh levs is following them for us. josh, what are you getting? >> good to see you. i tell you, we're hearing it on all sides. let's get straight to the first one. this is from someone who doesn't think more troops are the answer. >> we do have to win hearts and minds of the people but that's hard and cannot be accomplished through just military power and through military might, which we have enough. looking back at vietnam and looking back at all of the other wars we fought in the recent -- winning the military aspect is no problem for us. it's winning the political. >> som
from chevy. with roadside assi0mance and courtesy transportation, it's the best coverage in america. >>> you know it's the season to shop. really yesterday was the day. they call it black friday. and retailers were encouraged by people who opened their wallets on black friday to kick off the start of the christmas shopping season. a national research firm says total spending was up about half a percentage point from last year. jcpenneys and sears among the chains that reported having a good day. the increase may get bigger when they total up cyber sales. one analyst said the average online customer spent 35% more yesterday compared to a year ago. jacqui jeras, that is good news. i wonder if they had some good weather shopping. were you out there on black friday? did you go -- >> no, i worked yesterday. but a lot of places had two-day deals, and i did a little bit of shopping this morning. >> you did? >> couldn't help myself. i love a bargain. a lot of people love a bargain. >> you bought stuff for everybody on the show, right? >> of course. yes. what was on your list? no, i'm just k
owner with her husband. the couple are co-chairs of america's polo club. the pair will be larry king's guests monday night. big stories making cnn wire now. philippine police file murder charges against a local politician. the mayor with his head covered you see in a second is charged in monday's massacre of 57 people who supported the political rival. five others reportedly will face charges among them three police officers. >>> somber ceremonies across mumb mumbai, india. a terror attack left more than 160 people dead. ten pakistani militants over four days and three nights stalked and killed people at three luxury hotels. >>> president obama out with the thanksgiving day message. his comments focusing on the economy and health care. here's a portion. >> as much as we have to be thankful for, we also know that this year millions of americans are facing very difficult economic times. many have lost jobs in this recession. the worst in generations. many more are struggling to afford health care premiums and house payments let alone to save for an education or retirement. too many are
terrorists, and pursuing our shared vision of a world without nuclear weapons. >> india and america are separated by distance but bound together by the values of democracy, rule of law and respect for fundamental human freedoms. >> reporter: there's also some hard cash involved in this. american businesses are looking at india and seeing dollar signs because as you look at their infrastructure rebuilding, ports, airports, roads, etc., the chamber of commerce predicts they could over the next five years, u.s. companies could make $500 billion. this is also a good deal. >> what do both sides get out of this state visit? >> reporter: i think the united states gives india what it wants which is recognition that it is a very important country in the world right now, that in spite of the fact the obama administration is paying a lot of attention to china and pakistan that india really does matter. that's what india wants. the united states really wants business and it also wants the help of india in a lot of these strategic areas. >> you know, jill, big prize for india would be if preside
... with reform that includes the best ideas. backed by america's physicians. nurse leaders and nurse practitioners. america's hospitals. prohibiting cuts to medicare benefits. protecting your choice of health care professional. covering preventive care, and closing the prescription gap, to reduce out-of-pocket costs. ♪ eggland's best. in my kitchen, i love eggland's best. that's why they're the only eggs... i make for my son. the chef. eggland's best. the better egg. >>> many veterans can tell extraordinary stories of their time on the battle front and often they're not so much about the actual fighting as about the difficult decisions that they had to make about life and death and trying to find harmony in the midst of the terrible time. photo journal john torlgoe went to utah to hear the song of a long lost war. >> i have a 70-year-old trumpet. it's been with me on all my combat missions all through world war ii. i never went any place without it. here we are, marjorie rogers, she and i have been married now 68 years. we finally got this p-47. it was a dream to fly. that's why i
, but fourth in purchasing power. it's the third largest economy in asia behind japan and china. and america is its most important business partner. we buy indian software, textiles, jewelry and leather. that's one reason india forecasts economic growth in the neighborhood of 6% to 7% in the year ahead. >>> now, money still just a small part of this whole equation. we can factor in security, politics, diplomacy. to do that, let's meet our next guest. he's a professor of indian studies at indiana university. also the research director of iu center on american and global security. hello to you, sir. also i'm joined right now by cnn national political correspondent jessica yellin, there she is. good afternoon to you both. i guess i want to go ahead and start with you, if i can, jessica, about this decision. we are still -- we're still waiting. we gave it a try today in that press conference to see if he would let us go to the thanksgiving break with the information. but not so. so, why are we still waiting? >> well, the president wants to unveil this in a formal way. we're expecting him to addr
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to light yesterday afternoon. in 1979 incident at three-mile island ended america's nuclear energy program so all eyes are on this area when something like this happens. you can understand why people may be concerned about this. >> i can understand the concern. we determined that we needed to send a couple technical experts to independently review and confirm that the company's assessment. this is an unplanned exposure though it is well below regulatory limits and no impact from public health and safety but we felt we needed a better understanding of what happened and why it happened and also the actions that the company is taking to prevent recurrence. >> you said no impact. you were notified some five hours later or longer. how do you know there's no impact? do you know what the readings were at that time? we understand that it is cobalt 58. if people are exposed to it, what can happen to that? >> we were notified within several hours of the incident happening yesterday afternoon. it began when the containment radiation alarms sounded. the company has done a number of things since then.
is not good for america, it isn't good for any of us in congress or those standing for re-election. >> reporter: another democratic senator who hasn't formally announced her vote is mary landrieu of louisiana. aides released these photos to cnn, showing her working with staff, going through the 2,000-plus-page health care bill. one thing she'll find is this, a sweetener democrat leaders added to help persuade landrieu -- $100 million in medicaid assistance she's been trying to get for her home state of louisiana, still struggling from katrina. that medicaid money is something that the whole delegation from louisiana and also the republican governor has -- they've all been pushing for for a long time. and this is i think good timing politically for the president and democratic leaders to give them that $100 million in money for medicaid for louisiana. now, betty, landrieu still says she has concerns about many aspects of her party's bill, the overall cost, the fact it includes a government-run insurance plan, but she does seem to be leaning towards agreeing with the democra
have never seen before. tonight, a police department already under scrutiny in one of america's biggest cities scrambling to explain this one. we have just reached someone from the department. you'll hear from them live in just a minute. >>> as we work on the details of that one, we first go to a story that affects all americans. health care reform. just this weekend an historic vote from the senate to officially start the debate on the democrats' massive reform bill. the vote, 60-39. straight along party lines. republicans came out swinging today, though, in an exclusive report you're about to see the new national republican party strategy to go after several democrats, key democrats, to the health care debate. >> saturday night. as americans lay down for sleep, moderate democrats laid down their beliefs. sold out their constituents. rolled by pressure from barack obama and harry reid, they voted to move forward a government-run health care bill our nation does not want and can't afford. one member sold her vote to the highest bidder. one member sold out his principles. two more lost w
's nothing wrong with that. >> no. >> we go all over the country. america is telling us that they are going to use 25% of americans are going to pay cash. many are saying i'm going to do something i never did. what a concept. how much can i spend and who am i going to spend it on? that's it. a lot of people pay for christmas and the holidays until the fallowing september. statistically. >> that's bad. here are dos and don'ts. create a budget. do online shopping now. >> right now, for sure. >> because there are better deals? >> you don't have to rush. >> absolutely, make online is easy to do without going to 100 stores. shop around. look at the value of retailers. >> real quick, you may be going to the store saying i'm going to pay cash, oh, my gosh, if you sign up now, we'll give you 10 to 20% off. don't do it. i get it. >> we didn't rehearse that. >> credit cards coming from department stores have the highest interest rates of all of them. for the little stinking 10% you're going to get now, you'll pay 22% to them. >> no finance charges now. you don't buy that either? >> you'll need anothe
or those living nearby. but america's nuclear energy industry would nerve are be the sail. accident prompted sweeping changes in nuke letter plant design, operation and the oversight. and by the way, the untwo react, still shut down and mothballed to this very day. >>> tuition shock in california. students sit in in protest and plan to raise tuition because of a state mandated budget cut. we'll talk to two students who will there. there they are. they'lldown is live. >>> and patrick kennedy banned from taking communion. well tell awe that. >>> we want your feedback. twitter, myspace, well-informed people are considering chevy malibu. you a cop? no. you didn't hear from me, but this malibu is a best buy. i heard that from consumers digest. it offers better highway mileage than a comparable camry or accord. estimated 33 highway. i saw that on the epa site. so how come the malibu costs so little. it's a chevy. you have cop hair. the award-winning chevy malibu. compare it to anyone and may the best car win. >>> an escalating fight over higher learning in mississippi for stu
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it effectively and profitably in america, and that's not true. i think people give up on manufacturing in america prematurely. it can be done. >> reporter: ali velshi, cnn, new york. >>> so how close did the white house party crashers get to president obama? take a look right here. >>> and the police pay a call on tiger woods. the latest on the middle of the night mystery that has everybody talking. >>> and celebrating at the cinema, from ninja assassins to a cartoon fox. what's on the big screen this holiday season? you're in the cnn "newsroom" where the news unfolds live this saturday, november 28th. i'm fredricka whitfield. hello again. >>> russia says it's dealing with an act of terrorism. a second bomb detonated at the site of friday's deli train derailment. authorities say the initial wreck was caused by a homemade bomb that exploded asle train traveled from moscow to st. petersburg. dozens he were killed and hundreds injured. no one was hurt in the second blast. it's a train popular with government officials, tourists, and business executives. >>> we're learning more about the cup whouple
an america's convert to islam. >> reporter: he's an american pilgrim in mecca for the hajj. taking part in dorm prayers here in front of the grand mosque, this 31-year-old is a world away from his life in houston, texas. and yet he says he feels completely at ease amongst the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims filling the streets of this holy city. >> just coming here, it felt like literally being home. this is what we believe god's house -- people ask me where i'm from. they notice an accent. i say i'm from america. given the way things have been going between the united states and the muslim world, i've really wanted to put forward and say, i'm an american, i'm here in mecca, i'm a believer just like you. >> reporter: all the questions notwithstanding, he says he's been warmly welcomed by his fellow pilgrims. >> it's been a surprise. and people really warm up to it. when they see that you're a convert and they see that you're from a non-muslim country. >> reporter: he converted to islam ten years ago while studying international relations at university. the decision caught most of his
. and 1300 are secretly checking email on a vacation. that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access >>> okay. so we've all heard of people going on a blind date, but an atlanta company is putting a whole new twist on that experience. >> yes. an exhibit that allows single to mix and mingle in a dark room to see if they have the right chemistry. >> it sounds like a typical blind date. guy and girl meet for the first time to spend time together. but dating in the dark has taken the experience to another level. >> you are meeting somebody without seeing them. are you meeting them, not seeing what they look like. >> yes, i did put more perfume on. smell is important to me. i like on smell good. >> what happens, guys on this side girls on the other side. they can hear each other. learn about the other participants, but they never see one another. it creates this excitin
was a song whose lyrics talked about how america fights without honor. >> reporter: launched just over the border in afghanistan, the pilotless, predator and reaper drones are the answer to so many of the u.s. military's problems. credited with killing more than a dozen al qaeda leaders. >> the real advantage of unmanned aerial systems is they allow you to project power without projecting vulnerability. >> reporter: this is what the view looks like from a drone. and this is how effective they can be. those men on the corner are firing guns. the enemy eliminated. no service personnel put in harm's way. why? because the pilots who fly the drones never have to leave home. they control them from thousands of miles away, in suburban america. major morgan andrews drives to work from his las vegas house. i asked whether it's like a video game. no, he says. it's often all too real, helping comrades in harm's way. >> it's very easy, i guess, when something like that is happening to project yourself there. >> reporter: for the top brass, the potential of these remote systems gets their hearts ra
,000 tax credit. now the inventory is drying up a little bit in parts of america. whoa. that means prices will go up a little. p bottom line is, if you find a home that you like, that you can afford in an area that's nice, that's great for you and your family and it's not an investment, you don't care if it goes down 10%. >> as long as you have enough to put into it so you don't end up upsidedown the way 23% of homeowners are now. >> it's why so many people are in trouble. one in four mortgages under water. >> yep. >> if that's you, if you are thinking i'm trying to hold on to the one i have, what can i do? what are my options? >> here is the thing. this is the scary number. 11% of the homeowner have -- who are upside down -- >> let me explain. what they owe is more than what the house is worth, so people know. >> 11% of those homeowners, but in 2009. that's a scary statistic. you have to get to the mind set, i need a roof over my head and i'm paying for something that doesn't hold its value. you'll be there long enough to at least break even. you have to live somewhere. >> you have to ta
energy to fuel 50 million cars and 100 million homes for 25 years. (announcer) in america we don't and provide enough energy to fuel 50 million cars just dream when we sleep. we dream twenty-four seven. we dream with our sleeves rolled up. our dreams are expressed in digits. they're made of steel. add those dreams up, that's free enterprise... growing our economy for the long-run. it's what we need to grow 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. your dreams make the difference. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big. so, at national, i go right past the counter... and you get to choose any car in the aisle. choose any car? you cannot be serious! okay. seriously, you choose. go national. go like a pro. >> this is jeff norman. he doesn't get health insura >>> tiger woods commenting about his suv wreck, but not to investigators. on his website, woods takes full blame for what happened and he says he wants to stop the rumors about his family. but he did cancel several interviews with police about it. a neighbor called 911 after woods crashed near his home early friday mor
aircraft has been born. because of one word, america's air dominance for the next forty years is assured. that one word... is how. >>> people in mumbai, india, are pausing to remember the terrorist attacks on their city. they're marking the one-year anniversary with candlelight vigils, services, and a police attacks on several sites including luxury hotels there. more than 160 people were killed including nine of the gunmen. many people remember all of this as if it were yesterday because it unfolded during live television. there are also some happy moments to tell you about in the life of a 3-year-old boy that you probably remember as well. josh levs is here to show us and tell us all about him. >> i'm going to tell you, first of all, we'll set the scene again for those who don't remember. this is when the attackers hit several locations popular with tourists including the popular luxury hotel. this is some of the damage we saw just after that. we know more than 160 victims in these attacks plus nine attackers were killed. at we have a special section that talks about these atta
with disabilities, veterans of all eras of america's wars. and as is the case with any celebrity, you leave and you think that -- well, something may happen but probably not. well, strangely enough, i got a phone call a few weeks later from al franken and it was hey, this is al, we spoke for an hour and a half and i was absolutely delighted that subsequent phone calls led to he and his staff creating legislation with other members of congress that is now law. and there's a new pilot program to help place service dogs with veterans and hopefully that study will show the benefits of that many more veterans will get service dog. >> they need them. we see what tuesday's done for you with the spinal cord injury you suffered in iraq. i appreciate you talking to me today, luis. >> it's my pleasure, kyra. thank you. >> luis is one of 31,572 american troops wounded since operations in iraq began back in 2003. >>> you could say it's all over, but the -- the secret service let this couple slip through and get into the white house. other lawmakers are calling for criminal charges against that couple. >>> weddi
course is now an international pastime. joe johns, cnn, new york. >>> from the cyber highway to america's roads. why ebay may be driving to a town near you. >>> losing weight for a good cause and not just to better your own health. >> the program is called lose for good. it comes from weight watchers and challenges participants to donate a pound of food for each pound of flab they lose. cnn's chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta. >> reporter: rosemary never considered herself obese. >> i always battled weight but not -- i never thought it was a significant amount of weight, maybe five, ten. >> reporter: but when a neighbor mistakenly called her pregnant, she immediately decided to join weight watchers and became a lifetime member. now 12 years later, 31 pounds later, and a weight watchers meeting leader herself, rosemary and the entire weight watchers family are starting to give back in a meaningful but somewhat ironic way. >> we ask our members if you lost a pound, bring in a pound of food to symbolize that weight loss. in turn, we turn it over to city harvest, which in turn donate
office record. it earned nearly, get this, $73 million in its first day on the screens across america. even friday night's screening took in more than $26 million. the previous record holder was the batman film "the dark knight." >>> oprah signs off from her talk show in september of 2011. and her fans, they're already mourning the impending gap in their afternoon schedules. some places morning schedules. but for the windy city, the end of oprah is a real blow. she attracts legions of people to chicago. but the media mogul has plenty of projects to keep her busy. her new cable network o.w.n., and of course her role as a movie producer. she's co-produced "precious," a movie already getting plenty of oscar buzz. and our jason carroll caught up with the breakout star from that movie. >> my name is clarice precious jones. i want to be on the cover of a magazine. i wish i had a light-skinned boyfriend. >> reporter: it has been called provocative and disturbing and has received an r rating. >> don't know want you. don't nobody need you. >> reporter: "precious" has already won awards. oscar
center. >> fred, it doesn't always seem to be that way. never always a clean slate across america. >> it's big. >> big problems for a lot of people who are out and starting their holiday travel early. you have some places where we may have some delays. new oroleans and houston and we'll show you why coming up and dallas thunderstorms and rain, which could give you a delay from 30 minutes to a full hour and then in seattle and portland, snow, rain and wind. the bad trifecta, they give you a lot of travel delays. let's start off where we left off with the pacific northwest. heavy snow a possibility and some places over a foot of snowfall especially in the cascades and perhaps the olympic mountains and maybe into the sierra nevada and when you get into the northern rockies before the day is out, could see snowfall there, too. meanwhile, back to parts of the gulf coast. i'd say from houston back over to parts of mississippi and even into new orleans and in terms of tornadoes, but, still, flooding situation, probably not. still slick conditions on the roadways and, of course, delays that airp
of wind turbines in america. and developing lower emission, fuel-efficient aircraft engines. ecomagination means growing the green economy by harnessing our most powerful resource- imagination. the american renewal is happening. right now. the american renewal is happening. let's fine-tune your business to take advantage of new opportunities. (music volume decreases) well, ups can help lower warehouse costs, (music volume increases) while increasing your global reach. (volume increases, decreases) more ups technology can help bring down paperwork. (music volume increases) and ups has more shipping options than anyone. hey, it's time to seize the opportunities with ups. (backbeat swells) there, now that sounds perfect. >>> an unusual saturday session for lawmakers leads our top stories this morning. the senate in session right now. you're looking at it right there. what they'ring to is debating a motion on the democratic health care plan, a procedural vote set tonight, get this, to determine whether they'll continue to debate the bill. all right. democratic leaders, well, they are working t
, it's the best coverage in america. >>> okay. we're going to get back to our top story now. just checking some of your feedback on the social networking sites. this man is a great person to talk to about the tiger woods investigation. stephen a. smith, he joins me now. stephen, what are you hearing? are you hearing anything? >> i mean, basically right now you're listening to people talk about the story that's been put out there doesn't make sense. the wife ran out of the house and crashed into the back window of the escalade and dragged tiger woods out because apparently he was bleeding and he was, you know, vacillating back and fort between consciousness and what have you doesn't seem to make much sense. the reality of the situation is he was driving a cadillac escalade. i don't know how many people are familiar with that vehicle, but you smash in the back window, it doesn't seem like she would be big enough or strong enough to go through the back window to go to the front of the car and to drag her husband out of the driver's seat all the way through the back of the vehicle. do
of one word, america's air dominance for the next forty years is assured. that one word... is how. ♪ that one word... ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every penny counts. so does every moment. make the most of both this holiday season with great gifts at great prices from l.l. bean. ♪ we give you peace of mind. i have diabetes like a lot of us here, so we understand. compassion, patience... you'll find it any time you call. our customers say we're number one. plus, they're grateful we're located in the u.s., where we also manufacture the accu-chek aviva meters and test strips. americans caring for americans. that makes us proud. [anncr] accu-chek aviva. born in the usa. >>> want to update our top stories for you right now. a desperate manhunt is under way in washington state to find the killer or killers of four police officers this morning. the lakewood, washington, officers, three men and one woman, were in a coffee shop getting ready for their shift when a gunman came in and killed all four. they haven't ruled out an accomplice, possibly a getaway driver. this is the second fatal
. president obama is looking for a sizable nato contribution. will america's allies deliver? good morning. i'm tony harris. you're in the "cnn newsroom." >>> so here's the deal. shoppers got started at midnight at some stores and are still at it. it's black friday. the day retailers supposedly reach profitability for the year. but this is no ordinary year. we go to macy's flagship store there in manhattan. what time did the doors open there at macy's and if you would, describe the scene over the last few hours? >> reporter: we've been here since much earlier than the doors opened. the doors opened at 5:00 a.m. and at that point that we could see at the entrances where we could see, we saw hundreds of people waiting to come in. macy's ceo estimates 5,000 people waiting to make their way in and since that moment it's been a steady flow of people. i'm thinking you can probably see right there we have revolving doors and people are constantly coming in. the crowd is picking up. it's getting more and more crowded. people are starting to bump into one another. everyone here waiting for the deals.
company. >> we made a commitment in the '70s that we were going to make our products in america, and we're still committed to that. we've never sold one string we didn't make here in new york. >> reporter: he was one of a growing number of u.s. manufacturers that has adopted the toyota waste reduction strategy, popularly known as l.e.a.n. that relies heavily on automation. he says the replaced workers can be cross trained to do other jobs. >> we do not want to lay people off because l.e.a.n. has been effective. that's not going to help people embrace l.e.a.n. and it's not going to help our company or our community. we train them do something else. >> reporter: like work in the guitar strap division. those jobs were previously in china. today, long island.
are iming on a ferry. and 1300 are secretly checking email on a vacation. that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access >>> bonus by any other name is still a bonus. goldman sachs is due to give out $20 billion and goldman is calling the payouts discretionary compensation. others may call them incentives and folks on main street may have another name for them, outrageous. what gives? are the masters of the universe living on another planet. i happen to know a guy who spent time with masters of the universe. duff mcdonald, a contributor for "new york" magazine has written a book called "lastman standing" and the name alludes to the fact that jamie diamond is perhaps the least tainted and the one who has come through this battle in the best form. i don't know if a lot of my viewers know a great deal about him. in a nutshell, why did you write this book and who is j
of the obama administration. they want to see where all of this is going, where america is going. how important is the emphasis going to be on training afghan forces. how many more combat forces are going to be needed in southern afghanistan and eastern afghanistan. that's something that many member nations say they want to see before they're willing to commit more resources. because they also say they have to see what kind of resources are needed before they can actually make a commitment, heidi. >> interesting. fred pleitgen live from kabul this morning. thank you, fred. >>> hit the jim or risk not getting a diploma. a college forcing students to think about getting in shape. >>> and astronauts from the space shuttle "atlantis" are taking a walk on the wild side. we'll tell you about the third spacewalk of their mission. >>> a little bit closer to home, good morning, i'm meteorologist rob marciano in the severe weather center. it's a big travel week for the big holiday on thursday. we'll run down that. plus, historic flooding across turkey and the uk. (announcer) there are engines... and then
reduction of 17% in america's greenhouse gas emission, 17% below 2005 levels. that has potentially big ramifications, particularly for the cost of energy and the cost of doing business. but what's more important, your wallet or the earth? we'll be keeping an eye on that. >>> the other big story, afghanistan, the president's big announcement on troop re-enforcements is now set for tuesday evening, 8:00 p.m. eastern, from the campus of the united states military academy at west point, new york. we're hearing that the president is planning to speak for a good 40 minutes. and if you heard him yesterday, he said he will tell the nation how he plans, to, quote, finish the job, end quote, in afghanistan. he says the united states will not be stuck in afghanistan for eight or nine more years, that's how long we have been there up to now. >> you have to put yourself in the right frame of mind. >> be calm and collected when you come to this airport, especially on a day like today. >> i know someone else with the right attitude always chad myers. he's up next with a look at travel delays and your
it from michael who says we need to put america bark to work quickly. give the stimulus money back to retailers. who should get? not the banks? >> nobody. no more stimulus. what's out there hasn't been working. >> there you go. our quick answer. thanks for the -- >> really? not working at all? >> no. fredricka. >> how long have we heard -- >> the districts -- >> fred, it's -- jerry maguire. show me the jobs! >> show me the jobs. show me the money. okay. i get it. ken and daria dolan, you're fantastic. happy thanksgiving. right. we love you are helping. >> congratulations, josh. >> thank you. >> back to josh. is that not awesome? if you missed it, a new baby in the house. >> and he helped deliver it. >> well done. >> not in the hospital but at home. >> boom, came out. >> that's awesome. congratulations. >> thank you. >>> see you soon. thanks so much. >> bye. >>> of course, you probably have more questions for the dolenz and can ask them, becau finance questions. go to, snd them your question, they're answer them. you'll be so, so happy. still ahead -- for britain, some of
're going to fix health care in america, and the way we're going to pay for the massive government takeover of health care is through cuts that, you know, it's terrible on its face, but does anybody really believe that these cuts are going to take place? does anybody really believe that the doctors are going to be cut $247 billion in the next ten years? does anybody believe that we're going to cut $135 -- $247 billion or whatever it is from medicare? we're not. we're not. and why aren't we? >> john mccain on the senate floor debating whether or not this bill should go ahead, proceed for debate, which is official cloture, that's what it's being called. he's talking about medicare advantage. the cost debated all day. ed public option. abortion and on and on and on. as i said, an interesting day watching the senate floor. we'll dip in and out of this for you, bring it to you live and also the vote coming up in less than three hours. a vote to put health care reform for official debate coming up in a couple of hour. lots of back and forth. senators debating whether to have a debate at all. we'l
is very big in america's polo cup. it is an organization that had struggles of its own. it's been sued for a catering country that claiming they had not made them. accusations of general in manage the. but you can say that about a lot of organizes. tareq is hosting a team next spring from india. when i asked hem how they came to be at the state dinner, how they happened to get invited, he offer that as an explanation. he did in the come out and say -- >> he said when you pressed him about why didn't he appear or they appear on the official list, he said it was a last-minute attending. >> he said it was a last-minute attending. that was the last i have spoken with the salahis. i think it might be the last anyone has spoken with the sa lawy his made the claim they were not there, were not seated at the dinner. since then the sa lalahis are o speaking through a lawyer. >> before they had cameras following them around and all of a sudden postponing an appearance on our very own net work, "larry king live." what happened to loving the spotlight for reality stars wanna be, supposedly? >> it
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